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AAHDPRO has turned our organization's IT experience around. Every call is now documented with follow ups from IT. Reports help establish exact areas that need my attention directly. At the end of each week or month i know what my team has done across the several business units we support. The support from Dbandsons has been flawless in catering to our needs and things have been delivered on time. Thank you Dennis!

-Faraz Siddiqui
Dubai, UAE - Group IT Manager
Here at Techxel we are very pleased with the software Been There Done That.
We just love it. It has allowed our technician to keep track of the work done on all computers. We hope that Dband sons continue to upgrade the application.

-Alex Boti Techxel computer services
Silver Spring, Maryland, General Manager
Thank you so much! I really like this program. I am the Site Administrator (System's Analyst) for the Aging office in Northumberland County. We have a small office - about 40 people. I can't believe how hard it was, until now, to keep track of everything. You've made my job so much easier!
-Margo Muchinsky, Systems Analyst
Northumberland County Area Agency on Aging
Thanks again so much Dennis.... your support is unrivaled. The money I spent on your product has been one of the best investments for our IT department - both for quality and support -and you can quote me on that.
-Mark Hamilton
Warwick Academy, Bermuda
Several years ago we purchased Church Office Professional and had come to rely on it's stability, efficiency and accuracy. Recently we upgraded our computer and software. We soon discovered the Access 97 database would not open in Access 2003. This was very disappointing, so we promptly contacted Dennis Baggott. We were surprised and impressed with the promptness of his replies! We communicated back and forth via email for approximately 1 week and with Dennis' help, guidance, assistance and caring are now back to being fully functional.

We are extremely pleased with the product and greatly impressed with the technical support we have received.

First Baptist Church of Castroville
-Janette Nichols
Castroville, Texas
We here in the IT Dept at Vanguard University are very pleased with Problem Solved! The software has lived up to its name by allowing our techs to be able to access their tasks remotely, a problem we've had for some time. Problem Solved is simple to setup and even simpler to use. Add to that our appreciation for the excellent customer support we've received. We used to have so much trouble managing our tasks---not anymore---Problem Solved!
-Jay Knobel, IT Director/CISO
Vanguard University of Southern California
I work for a School District in New Hampshire and we purchased the Accessable Help Desk Pro software about a year ago. This software has proven to be invaluable to the development of our department! The technical support and customer service that Dennis provides far exceeds my expectations! When you send a request for help, he answers you in a timely manner. His emails are clear and easy to understand. I would recommended this software to anyone who is looking for a product that is affordable and simple to use and implement . Thank you so much for all of your time and hard work!
-Barbra Spicer
Sutton, New Hampshire - Network Administrator
AccessAble Help Desk is one of the best help desk tracking packages that my company has used (and at a great price, too). It's ease of use and broad range of features make AccessAble Help Desk the best we have used to date. I have already recommended it to many associates and they love it as well.
-Christopher Darrow
Phaeton Communications
The Leeds office of DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary (UK) LLP have now been using Quad Pro 2.0 Helpdesk in our facilities department for 3 months. During that time it is has already proved a valuable tool in organising the team, prioritising workloads and monitoring performance throughout the department's operations. The reports produced directly from Quad have been used by HR, Health and Safety and included in the monthly reports to higher management.
The helpdesk itself is clear, easy to use and easy to adapt to the needs of our department and provides us with a straightforward method of tracing accountability and setting / assessing service level agreements.
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 Announcements 2016 Minimize

QUAD Help Desk 2016 - Now Available - Tuesday, March 22, 2016
The latest version of QUAD Help Desk is now available on a dedicated web site -

The program consists of an easy to use, but comprehensive desktop application and an optional web interface that includes many features including mapping of customer locations and translation in several languages. 


 AccessAble Help Desk 2015 Released! Minimize

I will be updating my web sites soon, but wanted to get the word out that a new version of AccessAble Help Desk is finally available.  I have created a new product specific web site for the program - just started so please be patient as add screen shots, videos, etc. is ready to at least give you access to the download.  More info later.


 We Appreciate All of Our Customers - Here are a Few Minimize

Some of our Customers. Thanks for choosing our Software!

Americare Certified Special Services

Atlantic Health Sciences Corporation

Caribbean Data System

Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement

Dura Automotive Systems Inc

Grandville Printing Company

Heartland Payroll Company, LLC

Hilton Duesseldorf

Insight Medical Imaging

Kearsarge Regional School District

LaPorte County Government


Mine Warfare Training Center

Musculoskeletal Institute of LA

Newgate Technology Limited

Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Northumberland County Area Agency on Aging

Print-Rite Management Company Limited

Ottawa County Commissioners

Packaging Products Corporation

Shriners Hospital - Honolulu

Sociaal Fonds Bouwnijverheid

Standard Register

Strathclyde Police Federation

Structural Concepts

University of Minnesota SPA

University of Pittsburgh at Bradford

US West Communications

VEI Information Technology

Vantage Health System

WallaWalla Community College

Greater SA Chamber of Commerce


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 Announcements - 2015 Minimize

AccessAble Help Desk 2015 - soon! - Thursday, June 25, 2015
I have to say I was very close to releasing the new version of AccessAble Help Desk when I had comments from a customer that made me make some changes.  I had planned on including only the Date portion of Request fields (Date Requested, Date Needed, and Date Completed).  However, after some correspondence with him - and some re-thinking on my part, I decided to make changes to the new Windows and Web interface that include the Time portion.  Stand by for more information.

Been There, Done That! 2015 - Monday, March 02, 2015
Been There Done That! 2015 is the newest version of our first help desk program. Introductory pricing is set at $75 - the same as the original price. More information will be posted later.   read more...
Video of Been There Done That! 2015 - Tuesday, March 03, 2015
You can now view a short video about Been There Done That! 2015 - click the Read More link to this announcement to watch now.   read more...
AccessAble Help Desk 2015 - Coming Soong - Monday, March 02, 2015
The new windows based application will be similar to Been There, Done That! 2015 but the web interface for full browser and mobile device will be different.  Check back for more information soon.

New Version Mind Your Own Listings
I have released a new version of Mind Your Own Listings - and the program now has its own website:
and on FaceBook -


 The Teachers Journal New for 2014 Minimize

The latest version of the Teachers Journal - desktop edition will be available soon.  Totally rewritten with new interactive dashboards and many more features.  This new application supplements the recently released web applications for both  Smart Phone and full sized Computer Browsing - available by subscription.  Check out the new dedicated web site for more information - there is a lot of it now and more being added.


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 CHURCH SECRETARY 2014 - Now Available! Discount for limited time! Minimize

Church Secretary for Windows 2014 has now been released. This new version is so different (and I think better) than any previous version that I have created a new web site just for this program. Please visit and email me after watching a video or two. Download a fully functional 30 day trial version. Older versions of Church Secretary for Windows will soon be removed.

NOTE: For a limited time (but at least the next month or two) I am making Church Secretary 2014 even more affordable. Try the program out and if it looks like CSW 2014 will meet you needs you just need to enter a Discount Code (CNGA00088) when placing your order and you will be able to buy your license for just $50. Email me with any questions. Visit our site dedicated to Church Secretary for Windows for more information -


 New Version CSW 2014 Minimize

Screen shot from new Version


 New Web Interface - Black Style Minimize

Coming Soon - New AccessAble Help Desk Web Pages


 Proactive Customer Support 2012 Minimize

Proacitve Customer Suport 2012 is in development. Unlike earlier versions, the new release will use Microsoft SQL Server as the backend database instead of a Microsoft Access .mdb file. In addition to a desktop application, PCS 2012 will include a web based front end with automatic support for mobile devices (smart phones). Unlike QUAD Help Desk which is aimed primarily at internal customers PCS 2012 is suitable for those that may support customers via the Internet. Customers will be able to create their own accounts, submit requests and view the status of their requests. Staff may use the desktop or browser to update customer information and support requests. Staff will also be able to import data using their standard web browser. NOTE: The web interface works fine on tablet's like Apple's IPAD however, importing of data via the IPAD browser is not supported. We are excited about this new version of an old favorite for those with generic customer support needs. Check back often as we provide more information on Proactive Customer Support 2012. You can try the web interface at


 PCS 2012 - Mobile Web Pages - SmartPhone Minimize

Proactive Customer Support on Smart Phone


 PCS 2012 Web App Minimize

PCS 2012 New Web Request


 QUAD Help Desk 2011 - shown on IPad Minimize

Coming Soon..


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