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SRM Church Database © allows you to quickly and easily enter, update, and report on a wide variety of information about your church members, their attendance, donations they make to the church, the church library, even prayer requests! 

SRM Church Database received 5 Stars from  

SRM Church Database received 5 Stars from 

SRM Church Database received 5 stars from 

Version 1.0, dated June 1, 2003, is available.  Try it then Buy It.

Those who have used my other church management programs, will see some similarities, however, I believe this program is my most comprehensive one.  In addition to providing for entry of family, member, attendance, and contributions, SRM Church Database© allows you to also easily record church library information, prayer requests, visitor information and contacts with regular members as well as visitors.  While this program includes some simple reports and the report wizard used in earlier programs, it adds a visual report builder to allow you to create your own reports, either list style of form style views.  My past programs have only allowed for using the currency symbol for the United States dollar ($) in reports and this has been a problem for some potential users outside this country.  Now, with the Report Builder, you will be able to modify my provided reports or create your own reports "from scratch" and customize the currency symbol as well as much, much more.

 An example is below:

Next image shows the same report being customized in the report builder.

Then the report using a currency symbol other than the $ symbol.

I think you will find a lot to like about my newest program.  Please check back often.  I will be additional information soon.  Meanwhile, why not download fully functional 30 day evaluation copy.  This is just version 1.0 and one of my programs is on version 6.0.  Version upgrades are always free.  If you have a suggestion for the next version of SRM Church Database©, please send it to me at 


 The cost for a church license is just $199


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Help for Advanced Report Builder Dennis BaggottHelp File8/17/2006 2,292.26 Download


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