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When I started writing help desk software it was naturally geared towards IT Support Staff.  I have been a Local Area Network Administrator for many years and first developed software for my own use.  However, I soon learned that many organizations were using my IT Help Desk Software for more generic customer support.  I remember one customer in particular who wrote me that they liked the software, the price was right, and they just didn't use what they didn't need.

Gradually I added software that did not include the stuff they didn't need. QUAD Help Desk © (QUick And Dirty Help Desk) has proved very popular because it deals only with callers and calls from customers.  The integrated HTTP Server is also very easy to setup and use so many customers use that program.  However, Proactive Customer Support © is popular with those who needed a more robust web page interface that they could set up with an ISP. 

While now I have a variety of software for generic customer support they all have one or two things in common: 1) the price is still right and 2) they are easy to learn and use.


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