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Version 2006 is ready for download!  

October 15th, 2006 - I have just released Problem Solved! 2006.  This new version adds some integrated charting, the ability to send email from the Update Problem screen, and more.  The mini http server has not changed and it is still the easiest way to allow end users on your Local Area Network to submit support request via browser.  If you have tried to set up IIS and .ASP pages in the past, but struggled with things like permisions, Problem Solved! 2006 may solve that problem for you.  However, many organization just use the windows application.  As with all of my IT Help Desk Programs, Problem Solved! 2006 is sold as a site license - as your staff grows there is no need to buy an additional user license - you may use the same registration key for as many staff members as you have. 

Over the last seven years I have been pleased with the number of organizations who have selected Problem Solved! as their software for managing smaller IT Help Desks and I have been glad to receive emails from many who appreciate the low cost - high value in this program.  I hope this new version will be just as well
received as have been earlier versions. 

Problem Solved! was the program I developed shortly after the release of my first IT help desk program, Been There, Done That!  Very similar, the main difference was (and still is) the inclusion of a mini-http server.  This allows your users to submit a web request via their browser and update the database for you.  Admittedly not as robust as full fledged web servers, the attraction for many has been the ease of setting up the web server.  No web permissions to worry about, no virtual web pages.  Just click the Icon on the Programs Menu and give your users a URL.  

Always multi-user ready, version 4.6 adds a new look and a number of improvements.  If you need a more robust web interface, and insist on a Microsoft Access .mdb format backend, then you may want to consider the just released version 2.55 of our  AccessAble Help Desk Pro Edition.


An easy to use Windows Front End and a simple HTTP Server that does not require Active Server Pages, IIS, CGI-Bin etc.


Sometimes Less is More!  Originally released in 1999, I have just completed version 4.6 and have made every effort to make this program simple to install, easy to use and easy to afford.  If all you really want is the simple ability for your users or customer to submit a request for support which updates a database and then have a simple "thanks" page displayed, Problem Solved! may be just the right solution for your organization.

The HTTP Server does not require you to understand things like IUSR_Machinename, read/write/execute permissions, in fact you don't need to know any .html to use it.  Problem Solved!© may be just what you need.  However, if you need more from the web interface and already use or are willing to use Microsoft IIS you may want to consider AccessAble Help Desk Pro Edition or AccessAble Help Desk Client Server Edition


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