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The software you will find on our web site is in a few main categories.  The most popular of our programs are used for IT Help Desks and Generic Customer Support.  Available in a variety of prices with different backend databases, different interfaces and features, these programs all have one thing in common - Value.  All of our IT Help Desk and Customer Software are sold as a site license - no additional per user charges.  This means that as your support staff grows in size you find our software provides an even better value since you don't pay any additional charges when more staff are hired and begin using the software, or when you begin supporting more users or customers.  Furthermore, technical support is free to registered users, just limited to email.  There are no support costs to budget for each year.  Chances are if your organization has used other more expensive programs you have paid annual fees for support - whether you actually needed support or not.  Our software has over the years proven to be so easy to use, solid and dependable that email requests for support are infrequent.  In fact, most support questions have come before the license is purchased.  This has been usually to help with setting up some of the web interface options included (not extra modules) with many of our programs.  Finally, the fact that version upgrades are free to registered users, although upgrades are optional, makes our software especially appealing to the budget-minded organization.  

Our second most popular category of software is our affordable software for church administration.  Our software for church staff is affordable and easy to use.  These programs appeal most to those on limited budgets, but because our software for church administration is network ready at no additional per user charges, many medium and larger congregations have also selected our software over programs costing much more.

I have also developed software of interest to educators and school administrators.  I have been married to a high school teacher for a couple of decades now (boy, that sounds like a long time but it seems like we just walked down the aisle a few days ago) and I have developed software at my wife's insistence.  Others have found these programs to be helpful as well.

Do you need custom software developed for a particular application or need?  Email me at but be prepared for prices that may shock you - in a good way, of course.  I don't often write custom software but can be persuaded at times.  It won't cost you anything more than the time it takes you to write an email and click send.

Thanks for stopping by our home pages (well,one of them).  Don't hesitate to email me if you have questions or comments.

Dennis Baggott
(The Dad in Dennis Baggott and Sons)

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